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Welcome to the Foreshore....

As I was walking the beach during my recent trip to Mexico, it occurred to me that there is likely a name for the specific area of beach where the average wave laps up and then retreats. Have you ever realized that this is truly the “sweet spot” for walking? Move closer to the water and you will get pretty wet, or worst-case scenario get knocked down by an occasional crashing wave. Walk further away from the water and you're working much harder than you may have intended in the deeper, dry sand. The area in between is where I naturally walk, and I bet you do too. In fact, when you're walking on a beach it's almost like walking on a sidewalk with pedestrian traffic that is contained to a defined path. Sure, you have your outliers splashing in the shallow or fitness fanatics running in the challenging sand. But, for most of us we want the sweet spot. I was curious enough to research this. This strip of beach is called the “foreshore”.

It occurred to me while walking, this navigation I was doing was not unlike the navigation we experience with a lot of things in life, particularly our health. We weigh the options we are continually bombarded with to improve it.

On one hand, you have a traditional western medicine approach and you may choose only to follow the recommendations set out by your personal physician. Prescription drugs, a one size fits all recommended diet, accepting the diagnosis of hypertension or diabetes as part of life, etcetera. Please believe me, I have the utmost respect for your primary care physician. Their advice and guidance is rooted in research and ingrained from years of rigorous education. I know, because I am one of those physicians. What I was taught in all my years of education was not wrong. However, there is absolutely more than this narrow view of healing our bodies.

On the other hand, you are likely inundated with the latest and greatest; supplements, gadgets, alkaline water, exercise advice and the perfect diet. We consume this advice and purchase these products with the best intentions. We want to feel better! Have you ever been motivated by lifestyle changes that you are sure will be the answer to what ails you, only to hear the completely opposite advice by another “health guru” six months later? How is anyone expected to follow advice that keeps changing? I have a good friend that calls this the HAP approach. You know you feel bad, and you want to feel better, so you search for answers in this vast consumer space we call “Wellness”. But actually, it is really just “Hoping And Praying” for the most part.

What I'm getting at, is that it is important to have someone to “Navigate the Foreshore” of your health. I have met a select few patients that are pretty good at doing this on their own. However, we can't all be experts in this ever-growing consumer space. An expert that has your health and vitality as their number one goal is hard to find. I am excited about being that physician for my patients. I marry my traditional training with my open mind and passion for discovering the alternative treatments that have the safest and biggest impact for your current health and longevity moving forward.

So…….Come walk with me! I have navigated the foreshore and found the easiest path!

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Anne Morgan

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