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Flip the Ratio

Happy 4th of July! I hope you are planning a fun and safe holiday, full of fun, food and fireworks from a respectable distance. Mostly, I wanted to send best wishes for a fun weekend, but I can't resist the opportunity to "plant a seed". My kids get weary of me constantly dropping a little nutrition advice here and there. But, I am hoping since you are likely an adult and still reading this, that you won't mind!

A festive holiday always involves a delicious spread. Whether it be an Independence Day picnic or an elaborate Thanksgiving Day menu, it is a treat to sample all the scrumptious options. It can be so hard not to over indulge. But, I wanted to share a concept with you that works for me and I try to encourage my patients to incorporate with every meal, even the ordinary ones. I call it "flipping the ratio". Hopefully, at your get together there will be some fresh produce, healthier salads or lean proteins. Eat these first! Fill your plate with at least 50-75% of these options. Then, move on to small portions of the indulgent stuff. Enjoy it! Savor it! But, I can promise you that if you start with eating the 50% of your plate that is healthy first, you won't indulge as much as you would normally.

Seems like common sense, but I think most of us really need to be intentional when faced with so many options, laid out on a festive table, in great company and in a fun atmosphere.

Here are 5 tips to surviving the pitfalls of a really awesome party:

  1. Don't show up hungry! Eat something healthy within an hour or two before the party.

  2. Stay hydrated! Staying hydrated will curb your appetite a little and it's just frankly super important for lots of reasons. Especially in the summer heat!

  3. Make your contribution to the potluck something that you know is full of nutrient dense produce. Then you know there will be at least one healthy option and hopefully it is something you already know is delicious (because you are a great chef!)

  4. Flip that ratio! Live it.... see above if you've rushed to read the 5 tips.

  5. Decide ahead of time what your favorite unhealthy options are. Try to stick to having just 2-3 of your favorites and then really savor them. Eat them slowly and enjoy!

I thought I would include the recipe I am making for my street party. I have made it once and loved it. It is super quick and easy and delicious. It was a hit at our Father's Day meal.

Complete coincidence that the website is eat/health/thrive, but I love it! No affiliation, but maybe there should be!

Thank you for lending an ear for my health tips! Have a fantastic fourth!


Dr. Anne Morgan

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