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A promising new supplement combination...

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Do you happen to be looking for a leaner body mass? Let's face it, I'm not sure I know anyone who isn't! I wanted to share something that I've been experimenting with and seeing positive results from. And there's research to prove it which is always great. HMB is a concentrated form of the amino acid leucine. Amino acids are good for muscle building. They are present in a lot of pre-workout powders. But there has been a recent study on HMB. It looks as if the combination of HMB and a little bit of D3 has a positive impact on muscle strength and lean body mass. I have attached the research article if you'd like to read it. When I came upon this research I put it to the test and for the last month I have been using it almost daily. I like it in a powder form because it tastes good and it makes me drink more water. However, it does come in a capsule form also. There aren't a lot of companies out there that make it right now and I'm not here to endorse any one company. I have seen some positive results! I'm a little too private to share pictures but I am definitely building some muscle! As always, I'm always looking for the negative side effects from using something as well. I cannot find anything that would make this contraindicated for any patient. In fact the study was done on elderly patients. That is, elderly meaning over 60! Which doesn't sound too elderly to me. But that being said, I'm convinced it's a very safe supplement to use. Please message me directly if you would like specific recommendations!

In Health and pursuit of lean body mass~

Dr. Anne Morgan

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