Wellness Services

Life is too short to spend every day feeling exhausted, overstimulated, overwhelmed, and just not like yourself. We will use a comprehensive approach to evaluate your current state of health and develop an individualized strategy to achieve balance and health through nutrition and optimizing your hormones.


We go throughout our entire lives consuming, breathing, and surrounding ourselves with toxic substances which can alter our hormones and harm our health. Let us help you re-set your system and start a fresh journey to health.


Finding balance in the midst of multiple commitments and expectations of your time is extremely challenging.  We are here to tell you that it is achievable and with our help, you can strike that balance.


Discover ways to enhance your energy level by optimizing your thyroid function and prioritizing your life to allow time for restoration.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement is an exciting and evolving field of medicine. Traditional medicine has been slow to recognize the benefits restoring your hormones and giving you back vitality. BHRT is NOT traditional hormone replacement. It has been well documented to provide the benefits of restoring your hormone levels at the same time minimizing the risks associated with traditional hormone replacement. 


Nutrition can drastically impact your life and well-being. It is often difficult to find the right combination of foods to help your body stay strong and healthy. We can customize your individual nutritional plan by testing your unique food profile.


The challenges of dealing with the stress in our daily lives can increase cortisol levels, and the domino effect can derail the healthy habits that are likely already practiced. We emphasize examining life to understand what is most important. We teach ways to cut out the static and focus and make life fulfilling. 

We focus on the areas in life that are often lacking, forgotten about, or just put last.

Our method is simple - evaluate your body, and develop a treatment plan for your entire well-being.

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    Give your body the tools it needs.

    Providing your body with an arsenal of identical hormones to give you the energy and healing you need.

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    Feel in control of your health!

    Get the guidance and support you need to feel healthy again.

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    Optimization for one of the most important regulators in your body.

    Regulate your hormones, manage your metabolism and help your Thyroid play it's vital role in development.

Dr. Morgan's Wellness Consulting

Included in the program:

  • Examine your lifestyle, diet and health status.  

  • Make recommendations for changes, resources for diet plans, access to quality supplements

  • Consultation for food sensitivity testing and a customized diet plan 

Dr. Morgan's Vitality Program

This program is ideal for the patient that is looking for guidance and support to start living a fuller life and improve all aspects of their health and well-being.  This could include Bio-identical Hormone replacement, optimization of thyroid function, lifestyle design, weight management and the support of a compassionate physician to cheerlead you along the way!

The program starts with an in-depth office visit to discuss all aspects of your health and lifestyle. Together, we will examine your goals for your health and what areas need the most focus. We will analyze your overall current state of health using an in-depth lab panel and find ways to improve the work you are likely already doing, bringing more significant results than diet and exercise alone.   

Included in the program:

  • Personalized plan for your own nutritional needs and ideal weight

  • Prescriptions for medications when needed

  • In-depth consultation to discuss your needs and goals

  • Access to online resources to help you along the way

This program will get you off to a great start to create a path to your best lifeThe Vitality  program includes the initial one hour visit and 3 in depth follow up visits over the next 9 months. After we have settled on the best combination of hormones and supplements for you then the maintenance program would be ideal to continue our work together.

Maintenance Program

The benefits of taking charge of your health and partnering with a physician who wants to enable you to feel great are endless.  This will be a true partnership. Much of your success depends on you! Dr. Morgan will be there to give you the tools to unlock your body’s full potential, at any age. Every patient will have different goals and needs. But, if you are tired of feeling as if there is more to life than feeling exhausted, irritable, overweight and underwhelmed about aging, then Thrive Once More is here to help you truly create a path to vitality! 


Creating a Multidimensional Path to Wellness.

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