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all in once serene location - at Hollyday Medical Spa & Aesthetics.

Wellness Inside & Out

Dr. Anne Morgan can be found at Hollyday Med Spa & Aesthetics, located in Kansas City, Missouri. Opening Thrive Once More at Hollyday was an easy decision because this allows patients to access both wellness and beauty services in one convenient location.

Hollyday Med Spa & Aesthetics offers skin care, injectables, and body treatments to tone and tighten. To book an aesthetic-related appointment with the Hollyday team, click below.

A message from Dr. Morgan:

I am so thrilled to be creating a larger presence at Hollyday Med Spa and Aesthetics. I have enjoyed being on board as the medical director for the last five years. When I decided to pursue a practice in preventative medicine and wellness it was just a logical fit for me to see my patients at Hollyday. The lovely staff at Hollyday is extremely well educated and offers the latest and most innovative aesthetic services. As a result, their clients are literally glowing! I am excited about partnering with Hollyday to offer our mutual patients that glowing wellness inside and out! Holly and I want to work together to take the greatest care of you!  

Creating a Multidimensional Path to Wellness.

Thrive Once More 

at Hollyday Aesthetics

1 East Gregory Blvd

Kansas City, MO 64114