We want you to thrive.

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About Us

Thrive Once More is an integrative practice designed to put you first.


We all spend so much of our time working, providing for our families and loved ones, driving here and there, worrying about the future and being frustrated with feeling like our bodies are failing us. We may have excellent intentions to exercise, eat healthier, meditate or pray and just take care of ourselves, but life tends to get in our way. Where does all the time go? It's time to make your health a priority.


I have spent my life caring for my family, caring for patients, working many hours, nights and weekends in Emergency Medicine. For the first ten years of my post graduate career I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be. Yes, work was difficult, but it was challenging and rewarding. 

Over time, I began to feel exhausted. I was only in my early 40’s but my zest for life had disappeared.  I suffered from migraines, anxiety and significant joint pain. I just kept going because I felt like I owed it to myself and my family to “keep on, keeping on.” I always tried to maintain what I thought was a healthy diet.  I exercised regularly.  But I just continued to feel worse and worse.  Eventually, I felt broken. Check-ups with my primary care doctor (who is wonderful, by the way!) revealed normal labs and terrific vital signs. I was “healthy.” I decided to reach out to my OB/GYN physician who was starting a practice in integrative medicine and utilizing bio-identical hormone replacement. It quite literally changed my life. Over time, with help of hormones, thyroid optimization and a very honest look at my life and what I desired it to look like, I now feel amazing. I feel better physically and mentally than I did 10 years ago.

Now, I am so pleased to be in a position to help people do the same! Traditional western medicine is invaluable. I felt very prepared after medical school and residency to tackle the big diseases that plague us all at one time or another: Diabetes, Heart Disease, injuries and broken bodies. But there is so much more to our health than our lab values and pill boxes. My passion is to help my patients in a completely different way than I have been blessed to do in the Emergency Department.


I look forward to connecting with you in the future if you’re interested in becoming a patient of Thrive Once More. I want to discover your strengths and weaknesses and what your goals are for your health and well-being. I promise there will be no “hard sell” or bullying you into taking care of yourself. When you are ready to feel healthy and enjoy life more, I will be here to help you find your way there!

Creating a Multidimensional Path to Wellness.

Thrive Once More 

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